Sweating all weekend

September 5, 2008 0

“I’ve been sweating since 5 o’clock Friday,” Jean said. What made it so bad was that she was telling me this at about 11 p.m. Sunday. It was true, too. This may have been the […]

The Robert Peecher story: Hanging from a cable

April 1, 2008 0

Harrison was pitiful when he asked if I’d take them somewhere for Spring Break. At 12-years-old, he’s well aware that his family doesn’t go on vacations often because his mom and dad never take time […]

Summertime is made for little boys

June 10, 2007 0

Hanging on my wall at home is poster-size reproduction of a Norman Rockwell “Saturday Evening Post” cover. A banner in the painting reads, “Summertime.” The painting depicts a boy holding a fishing pole, sitting on […]

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